From Cap & Gown to Career: Kaitlin Gunderson ‘16

I graduated from Brescia University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in social work at the Marilyn Conley School of Social Work. I learned about Brescia University from a college fair in my Senior Year of high school. I had never heard of Social Work as a profession until then, but I knew I wanted to help others. I met with Susan Howard (who was also a mentor and professor of mine) to learn more about the Social Work program. I instantly knew from that moment this was the career path I wanted to follow.

While at Brescia University I was able to learn and practice under incredible professors, such as Todd Palmer, George Gray, Laura Gibson, LeAnn Howell, Timothy Nugent, Keith Hudson, and Jamie Bellamy who helped me grow in my understanding of caring for people. I gained knowledge in a variety of areas and with skills to help me excel as a Behavioral Health and Foster Care Therapist today. I was able to participate in a yearlong internship that gave real life application to how Social Work can be applied. My time at Brescia University prepared me to gain my master’s in social work as well.

It was not just my time in the Social Work Program that guided and aided me in my future. I was an Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, and a SAPB member. Each of these clubs helped increase my communication, teamwork, confidence, respect, and empathy. I made friendships that felt like family and learned about other cultures/groups of people. I recommend Brescia University for any high school student who wants to find a place to grow not only in knowledge of their professional, career interest but in diversity, leadership, resourcefulness, and purpose.