Theology Course Descriptions

Th 101 – Introduction to the Old Testament (3 credit hours) 
An examination of the texts of the Old Testament from the perspective of modern biblical scholarship. The historical, literary, and theological dimensions of this literature will be explored.

Th 105 – Introduction to the New Testament (3 credit hours) 
An examination of the New Testament texts from the perspective of modern biblical scholarship. The historical, literary, theological, and spiritual dimensions of this literature will be explored.

Th 109 – Introduction to Ministry (3 credit hours) 
An overview of ministry in the Church, historically and currently, and its implications for those exploring the call to serve the Church in professional roles of ministry. This course includes self-reflection and discernment; ministry field experiences; an introduction to Church documents on ministry; an overview of the National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministry. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Th 110 – The Catholic Faith: An Introduction to Theology (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to Catholic theology and faith tradition, this course examines how the Church prayerfully receives, seeks to understand, and communicates God’s revelation to humanity. The course consists of an overview of both important and distinctive Catholic beliefs and practices in light of the Second Vatican Council. Prerequisite: Th 101 or Th 105 is recommended.

Th 212 – Basics of Catechetical and Youth Ministry (3 credit hours) 
This introductory course in catechetics and evangelization is designed for persons responsi- ble for any of the major catechetical components of parish life, including sacramental prep- aration, RCIA, religious education, youth ministry, and adult faith formation. Topics in- clude a history of catechesis, the nature and purpose of evangelization and catechesis, the catechetical dimensions of ministry, faith development theory, and techniques and practice of planning effective catechetical sessions and activities.

Th 219 – World Religions (3 credit hours) 
This course examines the Indian religions of Hinduism and Buddhism; the Chinese and Japanese religions of Confucianism, Taoism, and Shintoism; and the religions of Judaism and Islam in the Mid-East. Prerequisite: Sophomore status is recommended.

Th 223 – Spirituality and Vocation (3 credit hours) 
This course will introduce students to great spiritual figures and their writings from within the western tradition. In addition to the above classics, students will also engage contempo- rary spiritual writers as a way of developing a spirituality commensurate with any vocation or life choice. Students will be asked to craft a spiritual autobiography that integrates their life story with the expected major and career choices they currently may be discerning.

Th 241 – Catholic Liturgy (3 credit hours) 
This course examines the historical and theological foundations of Catholic liturgy, and the liturgical documents, principles, and norms that shape the contemporary reform and prac- tice mandated by Vatican II. Notable attention is given to the liturgical assembly, liturgical symbols, roles of ministry, and the various liturgical rites of Catholic worship. Prerequi- site: Th 110 or permission of instructor.

Th 302 – Christian Marriage and Family (3 credit hours) 
This course deals with the meaning of marriage as a sacrament, the history of Catholic teaching on marriage and family, and the myths and realities of marriage. This course also explores practical ways to enrich marriage and foster married and family spirituality. Pre- requisite: Th 101 or Th 105 is recommended.

Th 303 – Catholic Moral Tradition and Contemporary Issues (3 credit hours) 
This course will explore Catholic moral tradition and its application to personal and social moral issues. Specific issues discussed will vary according to contemporary moral rele- vance. Prerequisite: Th 110.

Th 304 – Pauline Epistles (3 credit hours) 
A study of the letters of St. Paul from the perspective of modern historical-critical scholar- ship. The course analyzes Pauline teaching as one of the major components of ancient Christian tradition and explores its significance in the contemporary Church. Prerequisite: Th 105 or sophomore status.

Th 305 – Israel’s Prayer and Wisdom (3 credit hours) 
This course examines the book of Psalms, including its place in the life of Jewish and Christian worshipping communities. It also analyzes the traditions of the sages of Ancient Israel contained in the books of Proverbs, Job, Sirach, Wisdom, and the Song of Songs. Prerequisite: Th 101 or permission of instructor.

Th 306 – The Beatitudes and Parables of Jesus (3 credit hours) 
A study of the Beatitudes that emphasizes their implications for Western Christians. In investigating the parable form, its significance and theology, the course uses a combination of form-critical, theological, and literary approaches to the parables. Prerequisite: Th 105 or permission of instructor.

Th 310 – Women in Christian Tradition (3 credit hours) 
Examines the experience of women in the Christian Communions of the past and provides a Scriptural and theological background needed for a better understanding of the place of women in the Christian Communions and in society today. Prerequisite: Sophomore status; Th 101 or Th 105 is recommended.

Th 312 – The Sacraments of the Catholic Community (3 credit hours) 
Discussion of the meaning of the sacraments from an historical, theological, and spiritual perspective, emphasizing their communitarian aspect. Special emphasis will be placed on Baptism and Eucharist as constitutive of the Church. Prerequisite: Th 110 or Th 241.

Th 318 – Faith and Justice: The Gospel and Social Values (3 credit hours) 
This course examines why concern for social, economic, and political justice is rooted in the Gospel and mission of the Church. It presents the problem of structural injustice and possible strategies for alternatives. Issues such as human rights, abortion, poverty, hunger, racism, sexism, pollution, and war are studied. Prerequisite: Th 105 recommended.

Th 320 – The Church (3 credit hours)
A theological study of the nature and mission of the Church. The course investigates the Church from the following perspectives: its beginnings as reflected in the New Testament and early Christian literature; the history of Catholic ecclesiology; the models analysis of Avery Dulles, S.J.; and the documents of Vatican Council II. Prerequisite: Th 105.

Th 480 – Development of Catholic Doctrine (3 credit hours) 
This course explores the development of Catholic doctrine as an historical, cultural, and theological process. Christian worship, the teachings of theologians, the devotions of popu- lar piety, creeds, and other official pronouncements of church councils and popes through the ages shape and carry this process forward. Such enculturation and doctrinal develop- ment will be analyzed in seminar fashion through the lenses of church teachings on the Trinity, Jesus, and Mary. Prerequisites: Th 110 and permission of instructor.

Th 490 – Christian Ministry Internship (3 credit hours)
This field experience is structured to be a direct preparation for beginning professional ministry. As such, it assists the student in attaining the level of theological reflection, the breadth of pastoral theology, the depth of ministry competence, the spirit of collaboration, and the standard of professional ministry practice to be achieved at the B.A. level. Its goal, furthermore, is to provide a senior level integration of the basic areas of preparation for contemporary ministry. Prerequisites: Senior status and permission of instructor.