Brescia University is a Catholic, liberal arts institution founded in the Ursuline tradition of personal and social transformation through education.

Directed to academic and moral excellence in a student-centered environment, Brescia offers undergraduate and graduate programs that serve students who seek success through rewarding careers and service to others.

A Vision for Brescia University:  A moral and intellectual powerhouse, adapting to the needs of the 21st century and beyond

We see Brescia University recognized as a moral and intellectual powerhouse with destination programs that will draw students from near and far.

We see programs such as our School of Education, the Marilyn Younger-Conley School of Social Work, and the Charles Albert Reid School of Business recognized for the unique educational experience they offer.

  • Focus on the qualities promoted by the liberal arts and Ursuline heritage;
  • Educate the total person in a caring and
    supportive environment;
  • Equip students to join the workforce as
    leaders and innovators;
  • Value life-long learning, ethics, justice,
    and the building of a more compassionate
    human community through service.

We see an educational experience rich with tradition and ritual that will instill pride and a sense of belonging in our students and alumni.

We see Brescia University recognized as an expert in teaching and learning on the college level, and through the Ursuline Center for Teaching and Learning, we will offer conferences and other development opportunities on what we do best – namely teaching in the Ursuline pedagogical tradition.

We see an educational experience that puts the needs of the students at the center of our efforts, with a special outreach to students who need additional help and resources to achieve their potential.

We see continued innovation in our educational delivery systems, especially in the development of best practices in on-ground and online learning.

We see an institution whose members reflect the face of humanity, characterized by the incredible diversity of the human race.

We see an institution with a global perspective committed to harmony, attracting students from all over the world, and providing our domestic students with enriching international experiences.

We see a vibrant campus in which the creative arts flourish, providing regular cultural events for the wider community, bringing people to campus to enjoy music, drama, art, and literature.

We see a modern campus, with updated facilities using the best elements of urban and environmentally friendly design: modern buildings, more green space, a place that will feel like home for our students.

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