Theme Housing

Theme Housing is a great way for students to become involved on campus while pursuing their interests. Students may create an academic or educational group and live together in one of our campus theme houses. This allows students of the same interest to learn and grow together as well as give back to our campus community and the surrounding community.

Theme Housing is available by applying through the Office of Residence Life. Groups must fulfill the following requirements in order to enter into Theme Housing.

  1. Have a clear statement of the theme/ idea around which the community will be constructed and how it relates to the mission of the University.
  2. Have a proposed list of activities for the year with a tentative calendar.
  3. Have a proposed list of two community service projects hosted by the group for either the University Community or the nearby community.
  4. Construct a budget for any expenses that the programs/ activities they present might require and where the resources will come from. Groups may wish to petition to Student Government to become a recognized campus organization or fund raise to secure needed resources.
  5. Staff/Faculty support is required. The proposal should identify a sponsor who is a full-time employee of Brescia University. This sponsor will endorse the group’s application as well as serve as a contact and advisor to this group.
  6. One member of the group should be chosen as a Community Leader who would be held responsible for maintaining communications with Residence Life and their group advisor as to their completion of Theme Housing requirements.
  7. Have a plan for one activity to welcome new students to Brescia University.
  8. Have a proposed plan to evaluate the community and its mission effectiveness.
  9. Determine a list of students you would like to accommodate so that Residence Life may choose appropriate housing.

Application to this process does not guarantee that the request will be granted.

Click here to apply for Theme Housing.